Expanding your Business in Southeast Asia’s Largest Market

The 3 days main industry event (in conjunction with 3rd Indonesia Building Mechanical & Electrical Expo) is set to display full spectrum of decorative and technical lighting, electrical engineering, building automation, Electric lamps, LED lighting systems, and building mechanical electrical system.

Jakarta to double by 2015 as developers tap into the booming demand for property

Indonesia, considered one of the next economic giants of the MINT countries, is Asia’s biggest and most attractive market. Economic projections estimate the country will leap ahead of Germany and the UK to become the world’s 7th largest economy by 2030. With a huge population nearly to 250 million, high promising economic growth, and increasing demand for new and retrofit building offices and commercial buildings, the demand for Lighting and building automation, mechanical electrical system, and building services is continue to growing.

Following rising investments in power systems, and spreading global environmental awareness, the Indonesian government has encompassed the lighting industry as a method to move the country’s environmental energy saving policies on track. Besides promoting the usage of LED lights in public construction projects, the lights are also applied in commercial and transportation lighting applications.

Industry Overview

"It is expected that the number of skyscrapers in Jakarta to double by 2018 as developers tap into the booming demand for property. And within the next 5 - 10 years, Jakarta will be among the top of 20 ASIA City."

Latest News

Jakarta - Indonesia is still importing 250 million units of energy saving lamp (LED) throughout 2012 from the total demand for LED reach 320 million units. Director General of High Technology-Based Superior Industry of the Ministry of Industry. Budi Darmadi revealed the national production capacity should be 200 million units from 15 domestic industries.   Read More
Growth in property sector and electric power available will be the main proponent of the increase in demand for lamps that are predicted to grow 14% so far this year. In addition, an increasingly conducive export climate also makes the national lamp manufacturer more confident.   Read More
LED sales in 2015 increased 50% YoY to 60 million LED bulbs, compared to 40 million LED bulbs in 2014, said John Manoppo, Chairman of the Indonesian Electrical Lighting Industry Association (Aperlindo).   Read More
According to Asian Development Bank’s new report “Asian Development Outlook 2015,” Indonesia’s economic growth is projected to reach 6.6% in 2014, setting a new record high for the past 15 years.   Read More